Resources and research on how
religious freedom is good for business


Research White Paper

This research white paper (at bottom) looks at the issue from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective. The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation will translate the research into its positive dimension: religious freedom is good for business. Focusing on the positive dimension is true to the data and more readily accepted and implemented.

Religious freedom is one of only three factors significantly associated with global economic growth, according to a new study by researchers at Georgetown University and Brigham Young University. The study looked at GDP growth for 173 countries in 2011 and controlled for two-dozen different financial, social, and regulatory influences.

The new study also furthers previous work in the field, including The Price of Freedom Denied (by Brian Grim & Roger Finke, Cambridge, 2011). Grim & Finke’s research showed that religious freedom is a key ingredient to peace and stability, as measured by the absence of violent religious persecution and conflict.

This is particularly important for business because where stability exists, there is more opportunity to invest and conduct normal and predictable business operations, especially in emerging and new markets.

The empirical basis for the socio-economic benefits of religious freedom is also found in three publications that look at the price of freedom denied. Also see the World Economic Forum statement on the role of faith in world affairs.